Wanted Tracks And Jingles

Buzz FM Jingles

I have some, but want more! Styles: The Spirit Of Birmingham, The Rhythm Of The City, The Best Music Mix, Where The Music Never Stops. Contact me if you have any jingles to share!

Wanted Trax

Believe it or not, there are still some tracks I heard on Buzz which I’ve yet to identify. With the help of the internet, this list is getting shorter, but here are some tracks I am still after:

Number Title Sample Notes
11 The Message track11.mp3 A cover version of Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”. Played on Freakie Dee’s show I think. # It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder How I keep from going under. It’s like a jungle.
8 Say You Love, Say You Do track8.mp3 Female vocal, played during the early days of Buzz. Lyrics are: # Gave you love in the evening too # Remembered all except to say that you love me # Say you love me, say you do (hey boy) # Say you love me, say you do (and don’t you ever leave) # Say you love me, say you do (give me love) # Say you love me, say you do
5 Don’t Think It’s Over/One More Try track5.mp3 I think this was from Kenny B’s show. It’s a female vocal, I think it’s from around 1991-3? The chorus goes: # Don’t think it’s over # Our love can stand the test of time # Don’t think it’s over # Give it one more try

Meanwhile, with the help of New Jack Swing Forever and discomusic.com I finally tracked down some other awesome tracks played on Buzz!

Number Title Artist Notes
1 Cross My Heart Marc Nelson Played on Mikey B’s show. Great vocals, great track!
2 Teaser George Benson This was played during daytime Buzz. Nice.
3 Rude Boys I Feel For You Played on Freakie Dee’s show
4 Tycie And Woody The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You Played on Mikey B’s show. Up-tempo dance-rap.
6 Hold On RJ’s Latest Arrival Smooth slow jam
7 Got 2 Have Your Love (Warehouse Mix) Helen Sharpe Tracked down on discomusic.com. Sort of soulful house or garage. Again I think from Kenny B’s show. (Bridge) # Don’t make me wait # I want you endlessly (Chorus) # Got to have your love, just as before # Got to have your love, forever more # Got to have your love (just as before) # Got to have your love (forever more)
9 Trust In Me AZ-1 Freakie Dee dance show.
10 Stand By My Woman Larry Springfield Great slow jam, played on Freakie Dee’s show
12 Baby Don’t Stop Joe Played on Freakie Dee’s show.
13 Malaika Easy To Love I always thought this was Ce Ce Peniston but could never find it. Finally found it was Malaika.
14 As I Am Sound Of One Played by Kenny B
15 Mood Is Right Queen Latifah Great mid-tempo track.
16 Love Ride Nuance Not sure if this was a “Buzz Track” but it’s a great classic