Presenters And Staff

During it’s 4 and half years on the air Buzz FM employed some great staff. many of which have gone onto great things.

Who were they and where are they now?

Here is a brief list of some of the staff who worked at Buzz FM:

Mark Williams Lady Buzz (alias Nicky Jay)
Lady Buzz (alias Nicky Jay) DJ Mikey B
Freakie Dee (Freaky D) Assis and Daidi
Alan Gooden Mark Hanna
Charlie Jordan (Charlie Jordan Official Website) Billy Fry
Alan West Chris Cary (Chris Cary Homepage)
Ricky Kirby Sybil Fennell (Sybil Fennell Homepage)
Bob Davies Andy Wint
Bob Lawrence (Bob Lawrence Homepage)(Bob Lawrence Twitter Feed) Rick Dees
Nick Tuff (Nic Tuff Homepage) Keith Lewis
Mark Williams Johnny Heywood
Kenny B Matt Wheeler
Justine Holland Simon Harding (Simon Harding Buzz FM page)
Malcolm Derry Al Cale
JJ McKay (Voiceovers)(JJ McKay Homepage) Lindsay Reid
Adrian Allen (Adrian Allen Homepage)(Presenter/Head of Music, April 1992 to January 1993) Graham Torrington (Graham Torrington Homepage). Now presenting on BBC WM in the West Midlands
Martin Jeans Paul Bryant
Andy Swift Jo Williams (Promotions Executive)
Matt Woods (Promotions Executive) Les Gunn (Les Gunn Homepage)
Howard Bennett Marcus Bennett
Laswon Mair Janet Reeves
Kim Sabido Chad George
Nino Firetto (Now running Nino Firetto Casting)(Nino Firetto Website/Nino Firetto Blog/Nino Firetto Booking Agent) Bob Stewart (Voiceovers)
Richie Pask Gary Rice
Paul Tovey Otis O Soul. According to his website “On his return to the UK, he joined Buzz FM Birmingham as Head of Commercial production His expertise enabled him to develop concepts and assist the marketing department with their sponsorship drive”
Tony Paul. According to this website Tony was on Buzz FM as well as BRMB, MFM and a bunch of others. He also started up Sunshine 855 in Shropshire as its first program director. Chris Rogers. (Chris Rogers on Wikipedia)
John Ryan. Presenter on Buzz FM in 1993 according to John Ryan on LinkedIN.

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