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Buzz FM Videos

IBA Engineering Announcements – Tuesday April 24th 1990

Just under three weeks before launch, Buzz FM is mentioned on the IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority) Engineering Announcements bulletin:

In Birmingham, Buzz FM currently on test on 102.4 MHz with vertical polarisation from Metropolitan House is due in service on the 14th May. Buzz aims to provide a sophisticated music based service for a unified audience of multi-ethnic adults by day with specialist interest programmes each evening for a potential audience of just under one million.

Buzz FM Launch 14 May 1990

Buzz FM is on Central News featuring interviews with Mark Williams and Lindsay Reid introducing the station that “aims to satisfy the heart, soul and feet”. Surveys showed that one in three Birmingham households had heard the test transmissions.

Buzz FM on Central News, 14 May 1990

Documentary – 1993

Buzz FM Documentary featuring Nic Tuff, Freakie Dee, John Ryan, Eddie Peters, Mike McKenzie, Lindsay Reid, Chris Cary and Sybil Fennell:
Buzz FM Documentary – 1993

Heart FM Launch – 6 September 1994

Buzz FM applied for the West Midlands license but it went to Heart FM. The closure of Buzz is mentioned in this video:

Heart FM Launch, 6 September 1994

Buzz FM Airchecks This radio website contains Buzz FM Airchecks from the following Buzz Presenters:

  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Mark Hanna Jun 30th 1990 (3’19)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Nino Firetto May 1993 (7’48)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Les & Justine October 19th 1993 (9’19)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Billy Fry Jan 10th 1994 (5’23)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Simon Harding Jan 21st 1994 (4’39)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Matt Wheeler Feb 16th 1994 (7’20)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Billy Fry Mar 28th 1994 (3’43)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Billy Fry Apr 1994 (3’15)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Chad George Aug 23rd 1994 (5’23)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Simon Harding Aug 23rd 1994 (5’47)
  • Buzz FM Birmingham – Paul Bryant Dec 26th 1994 (3’15)

MDS 975 – Buzz FM History. A few Buzz FM MP3’s are available for download – including:

  • BUZZ FM – Launch Day 1990 – 32kbps
  • BUZZ FM – December 1994 – 32kbps
  • BUZZ FM – various presenters – 40kbps
  • BUZZ FM – Last day of broadcasting – 31 December 1994 – 32kbps

Buzz FM Links

Buzz FM on Wikipedia. Wikipedia entry with the usual facts.

MDS 975 – Buzz FM History. Great website featuring lots of background on Buzz FM. Also features BRMB, BBC WM and other Midlands Radio stations.