Mikey B

Mikey B Dance Show

Mikey B began his career at Buzz FM on the launch day on Monday 14 May 1990. He initially on the weekday schedule in the noon to 3pm slot called Good Day. The show looked at local and topical stories, news, consumer information, local events, gossip and guests.

A little later in 1990 the Buzz FM schedule was altered and Mikey was moved to the 7pm to 9pm slot where he remained until 1992. In this new, regular slot the first hour tended to be soul/dance/hip-hop new releases and the last half hour tended to be reggae and dancehall. However, at 8pm each weekday Mikey B would play his “Quality Time” selection – 30- minutes of quality soul slow jams.

Mikey left Buzz FM on 6 May 1992 when he was sacked from the station.

He returned on 29 December 1993 when Muff Murfin purchased the station. Mr Murfin said “you can’t have a dance station without people like Mikey around”.

Mikey said “All credit to Muff. He’s only been there three weeks and has turned the station around. And I don’t have to compromise – I have total choice in the black music I play”.

Mikey B on Buzz FM
Mikey B On Buzz FM. Thanks for Rob Tovey for the photo.
Mikey B Tracklisting

The following is a track listing of broadcast made during Mikey B’s mid-week show. It’s probably taken w/c 3 February 1992 or w/c 10 February 1992. Mikey B’s show used to air mid-week between 7 and 9pm. Here’s the tracklisting from this recording to give you an idea of the style of his show…

ArtistTitleTaken From AlbumRelease DetailsApprox Release DateNotes
Jingle: Buzz FM (The Rhythm Of The City)
Love Don’t Ever Say GoodbyeThe Jones GirlsGet As Much Love As You CanPhiladelphia International Records1981 
Benita Arterberry (SBK Records CDP-98272)It’s Always Been About YouThank YouSBK Records CDP-98272December 1991 
Glenn JonesCall MeHere I Go Again 1992 
Mikey B Jingle: You’re listening to Mikey B. When he’s good, he’s bad. And when he’s bad, he’s better.
Gary TaylorTake ControlTake ControlExpansion Records1990 
Jingle: The Rhythm Of The City – 102.4(Instrumental)
By All MeansI Surrender To Your LoveBy All Means4th & Broadway1988 
Mikey B: Well, if you didn’t enjoy that, I’m sorry, but I did. It was a little bit self indulgent tonight. 5 superb love songs for tonight’s Quality Time – some old, some new, some import….I thought they were rather good…. (Mikey then continues to review the songs he’s just played.)
ArtistTitleTaken From AlbumRelease DetailsApprox Release DateNotes
Z’LookeI Can’t Stop Thinkin’ (About Your Love)    
CherrelleStill In Love With You    
Karyn WhiteHow I Want You    
Tycie And WoodyThe Rhythm’s Gonna Get You (Featuring Carol Hall)    
GuyHer (The Original Edit)    
GuyHer (The Original Mix)    
Afrika BambaataaJust Get Up And Dance    
Katherine EI’m Alright    
3rd BassPop Goes The Weasel    
2 MADThinkin’ About Your Body (Chocolate Mix)    
BabyfaceMy Kinda Girl    
QuartzIt’s Too Late (DMC Mix)    
QuartzNaked Love Part II (Big Apple Mix)    
QuartzNaked Love    
Anticappella2 Sqrt 231    
Lisa FischerSave Me (Elektra Records – 9 60889-2)  
Lisa FischerHow Can I Ease The Pain    
Oaktown’s 3.5.7All Over You    
Love Don’t Live HereBenita Arterberry (SBK Records CDP-98272)  
Benita ArterberryIt’s Always Been About You    
StarpointI Want You    
Quincy JonesI’ll Be Good To You (Mixes)    
GuyHer (Mixes)    
Johnny GillRub You The Right Way (Mixes)    
Jamestown (Featuring Jocelyn Brown)She’s Got Soul    
Yours TrulyCome And Get ItTruly Yours 14 May 1991 
StarpointI Want YouHave You Got What It Takes 1 April 1990 
Audio Deluxe60 Seconds    
ForeverGiorge Pettus    
DJ MaddR-E-S-P-E-C-T    
CherelleStill In Love With You    
A Man Called AdamThe Apple    
Arthur BakerLet There Be Love    
The Crystal PalaceSun Of Godzilla    
Force MD’sSomebody’s Cryin’ (Over You)    
Cool NotesLet’s Make Tonight A Special Night    
Nikki DDaddy’s Little Girl    
Frankie KnucklesSacrifice    
ArtistTitleTaken From AlbumRelease DetailsApprox Release DateNotes
Glenn JonesCall Me    
JodeciCherish (Hip Hop Version)    
GuyHer (Original 12 Mix)    
Johnny GillRub You The Right Way (Original Extended Hype 12 Mix)    
R Kelly And Public AnnouncementShe’s Got That Vibe (Original 12 Mix)    
Jasmine GuyAnother Like My Lover (Original Hip Hop 12 Remix)    
Keisha JacksonMama Told Me (Original Full CD Mix)    
Ready For The WorldYo That’s A Lot Of Body (Original Album Mix)    
Tammy Lucas And Teddy RileyIs It Good To You (Original Album Mix)